Since the kidlets have been unable to get to sleep at night after so many Christmas late nights (grrrrrrr!), I decided to take them for a wander in the weather yesterday to tire them out!

The wind had been howling and the rain battering the windows since the early hours but, by the time I dragged them out of bed, it was pretty calm and brightening up.

By lunchtime, the sun was shining so I thought, this will be quite enjoyable – up the Lickey Hills, bracing wind in our hair etc 🙂

However, as we got into the car to go over to Beacon Hill to embrace the wind, there was a hailstorm! The car was covered in a sheet of little icy balls.

Once we reached the Beacon, the hail stopped – at least until we got out of the car! 😉

It was fab up there! Battered by the wind, belted by hail, leaping a giant puddle to gain access to “the castle” (aside from Enso who was sensibly sporting wellingtons!), watching as the hail storms scattered across the city before us, broken by glimpses of blue sky and pinpoints on sun rays.

We only had one accident – Kizzie (10) slipped over pretty much right away so had a muddy bum!! I managed not to let any of them get blown over the edge!


Managed to take just a couple of photos without my iPhone being killed by the hail!

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