This came as a surprise – I remembered submitting one of my favourite instagram photos (Lonely shopper) to this, but didn’t realise it had been chosen to be exhibited!

Pixel This is dedicated to mobile phone photography. 104 stunning images from phoneographers around the world were chosen from over 3000 submissions.

There are also Phoneography images from celebrities Peter Capaldi, Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax and Alexander Siddig.

All the prints will be auctioned this coming Friday (2nd Dec) with all proceeds being donated to the London-based children’s charity Kids Company.

If you can make it to the exhibition, it runs until Saturday 3rd December 2011 at The Gallery on the Corner, Battersea Park, London SW8 4BU

If you do make it, could you please take a photo of my photo?! ;D

CreateHive presents Pixel This

Pixel This Exhibition – 

My photo on the wall – top 2nd from left 😉 

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